Kari Winer - Boggy Creek Pottery - Bellingen NSW Australia

kariBoggy Creek Pottery

The Artist – Kari Winer, 1961 – 2015
Kari was a high school teacher of music and art before embarking on an academic career. Kari lectured in Arts Education at the University of Canberra and the University of Southern Queensland. In her final years she worked as a Social Worker and dedicated her time to classical guitar and ceramics.

Kari said of her ceramics  “The surface treatment of clay is my primary concern. I try to enhance the character of clay rather than hide it under glazes. My animal sculptures have become a vehicle to explore the naked clay surface. Rather than hide cracks and textures of the clay I use them to highlight my work. My raku work is also generally naked raku – highly burnished with a fine slip to enhance the naked clay surface marked only by smoke“.

Kari exhibited many times, both solo shows and as part of a group shows such as “Quinessential” in 2013 along with artists George Partos, Ann O’Brien, Robyn Simon and Lyndall Edsall.


Boggy Creek Pottery