Herbertia the Vile

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Author: Yvonne Winer
Illustrator: David Kennett
Publisher: Era Publications
Publication date: 1990
Pages: 48
ISBN: 0947212566
Binding: Paperback
Size: 128 x 198mm


Herbertia the Vile is a funny story about the nicest snake in the world…

The colony of snakes that lived close to the village were all vicious and vile, that is, all except Herbertia. The other snakes hissed at her in disgust. “Come on, Herbertia, you must learn to be viscious and vile so that people and animals will be frightened of you. You will never be safe if they’re not!” This is the story of what happened when the villagers decided to rid themselves of the colony of snakes, and came face to face with Herbertia the Vile!