Santa in a Billabong

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Author: Yvonne Winer
Illustrator: Yvonne Winer
Publisher: The Beaded Frog Books
Publication date: 2014
Pages: 16
ISBN: 9780977575541
Binding: Paperback
Size: 240mm (wide) x 205mm (tall)


Santa in a Billabong is an an engaging Australian Christmas participation story for young readers and listeners. Santa is invited to join a swan, a frog, a crab and a fish to swim in their billabong on a very hot summer day!

But … will he really do such a silly thing?

Follow the antics of the animals as they set about trying to tempt Santa into the water.

Will he really take off…

His bright red woolly cap trimmed with fur?

His black leather boots?

A warm red jacket with gold buttons?

His baggy red trousers?

Surely not!