sibling rivalry
Sibling Rivalry - Bellingen 2009
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Sibling Rivalry

An exhibition by Kari Winer - ceramics - Bellingen; Syd Winer - photography – Adelaide; Michael Winer and Judith Taylor - painting and assemblages - Far North Queensland.

Jealous as children, these four artists ceaselessly tried to out compete each other… and here in Bellingen their life-long creative feud finally boils over. Ceramics vs. photography vs. painting vs. assemblages. Rednecks vs. fluffy bunnies, cyclists vs. cyclist, pigeons vs. giant insects, state vs. state, artist vs. artist! Oh the humanity!

about the artists

Kari WinerKari Winer
The work created for this exhibition is a mix of hand built and wheel thrown ceramics and represents ten years of Kari's work as a studio potter. The work is either fired in her classic Brereton gas kiln or raku fired and saw dust smoked. "I have loved every minute of tirelessly working in my studio, mixing glazes, sweating over blasting kilns and choking on sawdust smoke, smug in the knowledge that my little brothers and Jude will die of jealously when they see the result of my creative frenzy."

Syd WinerSyd Winer
Syd Winer is a graphic designer and photography teacher based in Adelaide. Many of his photographs depict the action and excitement of bicycle racing – one of the few sports where the photographer can stand within inches of the fast moving athletes. The dynamic images are abstracted through the use of motion blur, camera panning, a wide-angle lens and infrared film. That, and Syd reckons "they're just plain better than anything those other so called 'artists' Kari, Mick and Jude can do."

Michael Winer & Judith TaylorMick ’n’ Jude
Michael Winer collaborates with Judith Taylor to produce a kitsch and colourful array of paintings and assemblage. Old toys, glitter and retro collectables influence a low brow style of art that often tells a story. Living on a property at Bramston Beach south of Cairns, North Queensland, ensures a tropical Pacific theme sneaks into some work. Michael says of his art "It's better than Kari's and Syd's."

the exhibition

Opening Sunday 8 March 2009, 5pm.
The exhibition continues until Sunday 3 April. Gallery hours are 10.00am - 4.30pm daily.

The Nexus Community Gallery, Shop 7, the Old Butter Factory complex Doepel Street, Bellingen NSW.
Gallery hours are 10.00am - 4.30pm daily. Ph 02 6655 9222.

All images Copyright © Syd Winer, Kari Winer, Michael Winer & Judith Taylor 2008.