the riders photography exhibition - adelaide - january 14 to february 14 2009
Copyright  2008 by Syd Winer
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The Riders - about the images

The images in The Riders were shot at the Tour Down Under in January 2008. The inspiration came through experimentation with camera panning at earlier bike races. The criteriums (street circuit races) provide an excellent place to play with camera settings as the peloton comes back around every few minutes. Each lap I can adjust exposure and shutter speeds - but as the peloton passes by so close (within a metre at a corner's apex) and fast, composition relies as much on luck as anticipation.

The distinctive colours and grain are characteristic of the Kodak colour infrared film used. The motion blur was captured in-camera by using camera panning and slow shutter speeds - ranging between 1/15th and 1/2 second. A 28mm wide angle lens further added to the distortion and impression of speed. The camera was a vintage (early '80s) Pentax K1000. Digital manipulation was limited to minor contrast correction and dust removal post scanning.

The Riders coverThe 52 page colour book/exhibition catalogue (for the initial March 2008 show) is available from (about US$26.15 plus postage) or (larger format, better quality from US$35 softcover, US$50 hardcover plus postage). Blurb delivery time to Australia is around three weeks, Lulu now print here so expect faster delivery.

about the artist

Syd Winer is an Adelaide, South Australia based graphic designer and photography teacher. He teaches at Adelaide's The Centre for Creative Photography. More of his images can be seen on his photoblog - the things I saw.

the exhibition

January 14 - February 14 2009.
Venue: Epson Gallery at Photographic Wholesalers. 47 Hutt Street, Adelaide, 5000, South Australia.
The gallery is open 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 3.00pm Saturday.

I would like to thank Photographic Wholesalers for the opportunity to exhibit in the Epson Gallery. This is an exhibition space intended simply to support, exhibit and encourage the local photographic community.

March 8 - April 3 2009.
The Riders shows again as part of the Sibling Rivalry exhibition at The Nexus Community Gallery in Bellingen.
The Nexus Community Gallery, Shop 7, the Old Butter Factory complex Doepel Street, Bellingen NSW.
Gallery hours are 10.00am - 4.30pm daily. Ph 02 6655 9222.


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